Grand River Public Bike Share is getting ready to roll out our bike sharing program here in Waterloo. The system will connect well-travelled areas of the city from uptown to the university and more! The success of the Grand River Public Bike Share depends on the support of members in our community. Along with a Individuals or Groups Donate, we've created exclusive sponsorship opportunities for our business community. Find out how you can make this, carefree, convenient, and fun way to get around the city a reality!


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Our Mission
  • Promoting bike transportation and the of use bikes for short trips.
  • Promoting bike-friendly and pedestrian-friendly development.
  • Promoting healthy lifestyles among community members.
  • Providing opportunities for the public to reduce dependence on automobiles and the consumption of fossil fuels.
  • Educating cyclists and drivers to enhance safety and acceptance.
Build a strong partnership with your community by choosing one of the sponsorship options. Be a participant which will benefit your organization, our community, and the world we live in.  
Individuals or Groups
You can support GRPBS by donating and spreading out the word about GRPBS to your friends, neighbourhood groups, camps, etc. Be an active cyclist and promote bike sharing.  

How It Works

1. Registration
Before you can rent a bike, you have to register your personal data (name. address, mobile phone number) once. At your future rentals, our system will identify you with your phone number.
2. Rent a Bike
To rent a bike, please call the hotline number you will find on the bike. After entering the bike number into your mobile phone you will get the code to open the combination lock on the bike.
3. Return
The bikes have to be returned to an official station. Lock one wheel with the lock and scramble/shift the numbers on the combination lock. After that call the hotline again or use the app to inform us about the bike's return and location.

GRPBS Memberships

Our Standard User passes are ideal for people who will be signing out bikes on a regular basis. If you’re a professional riding to work everyday or a student riding to and from campus then this pass is ideal for you. Just be sure to renew your subscription before the beginning of each month.
Our Select User passes are ideal for people who will be signing out bikes on a regular basis, but not as part of their daily routine. If you think that your usage will exceed seven trips per month, we recommend this pass for you. Your $25 subscription will give you access to the bike share system for the entire year. (more...)  

Pilot Locations

Initial pilot launch (Phase I) will focus on the Waterloo Research Park and business area, the University of Waterloo campus, Wilfrid Laurier University campus, Uptown Waterloo area, extending down through the Grand River Hospital to downtown Kitchener.  
The pilot will comprise of 100 bicycles and 10 docking stations.    

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